Utility and Beauty - Calendar of 2016

Is there a link between art and business? And between beauty and work? How can art be brought into the company?
There is a tradition of co-operation between artists and entrepreneurs that has led to the creation of works of art and has shown the potential that art can have in marketing, social responsibility and business communication processes. In the following examples we present some companies that have decided to bring art and beauty into their offices, or into their relationships with clients and suppliers or also to celebrate important goals or occasions.
If you are looking for ideas for Christmas gifts or want to celebrate an anniversary or whatever, have a look at this!

Francesco Zavatta - Artist, Painter Milan
Utility and Beauty - Calendar of 2016

Art in Business: Calendar for 2016 Utility and Beauty, for Utilità s.p.a.

The company Utilità spa in Milan as been working in the field of electric energy and natural gas since the year 2000. The Head of Marketing, Web & Media Relations in the company Mrs Veronica Totti suggested that the artist Francesco Zavatta assist her in creating a company calendar for 2016, which considers the binomial that characterises the “engine” that drives their work in the company: Utility and Beauty.
A thousand copies of the calendar were printed out and sent to all the Italian suppliers and clients. A press release followed:

Utility and Beauty, the binomial that characterises the "engine" of our work in the company of Utility is at the basis of the 2016 calendar.

"If everything we do faces infinity, if the 'raison d'être' and projection of our work goes beyond this, we work much more serenely"
Vincent Van Gogh.

There is a thread that joins Utilità, Vincent Van Gogh the painter from Rimini Francesco Zavatta, and the artistic style of this painter is summed up in these words. It is that selfsame style that enabled the artist to be chosen by Utilità to create their 2016 calendar.

It is a unique, exclusive, useful item with which Utilità has wanted to supply clients, employees and stakeholders, taking inspiration from two elements that dominate the daily working life of the company: beauty and utility in complete harmony with its own identity.

Apart from identifying the company, utility characterizes the services supplied. The support offered to clients in all stages of the relationship, both before or after the signing of a contract and the continual search for tools and solutions that lead to a rationalisation of time and costs. And then there is Beauty, which is a dominant characteristic in the relationships between those that work in the company, and an end product of the work carried out and which is seen in the obvious satisfaction of clients and also encourages the emergence of the individuality of each employee and an attention to quality in relationships and the working environment.

The calendar, which is in desk-top format, has the dual function of showing detachable works of art which can also be used as bookmarks or greeting cards, and provides the small, but exclusive, illuminated presence created by the brushstrokes of Francesco Zavatta.

Francesco Zavatta's art, painter by profession, originally from Rimini but Milanese by adoption, is translated page after page and month after month in a depiction of the reality that surrounds him and it is described perfectly by Susanna Pagani, an expert in fashion, design, graphics and illustration: "I believe that within this deeply intense dialogue that continually affirms the presence of a meaning, of a 'good' presence giving density and consistency to everything there is, lies the secret of this painting, which is anchored to the truth of what he sees as he grasps the essence of things."

In conclusion, in Francesco Zavatta's brushstrokes or Van Gogh's assertions, we find the utility and beauty that Utilità wishes to bring with it into the new year, thus wishing all of you best wishes for a happy 2016.

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Sweet pose - Anniversary NuovaPasticceria Anniversary


LThe confectionary art of the company “Nuova pasticceria” in San Giuliano Milanese came together with the creative, pictorial art of the artist Francesco Zavatta.

To celebrate the 35th year of the company Nuova Pasticceria, the CEO Giovanni Brambilla, commissioned a work by the artist Francesco Zavatta which depicts the essence of the confectionary firm.

The painter went to the production laboratory and met the confectioners to see how they work. From this visit to the firm and other photographic material that he collected the work "Sweet pose" was created.

The work shows cream puffs with strawberries in the foreground, a particular sweet called “Peccati di gola” ("Indulgences"). In order to enhance the care and attention to the detail put in by the artisan, he has included two hands placing the last piece of strawberry on the dessert.

The bond between technology and handcraftsmanship is what drives this company, where there are highly professional confectioners along with cutting-edge machinery which enables the production of large quantities of confectionary at industrial level.

The work "Dolce Posa" is owned by the company and was published on the homepage of the company's website. For the Christmas festivities the work will be printed onto cards and sent to clients and suppliers to wish them best wishes of the season.

Starting from a request and a corporate need, Francesco Zavatta implemented all his listening, observation and technical skills to reach the objective required by the company: to convey the deliciousness of their sweets and the care with which they are prepared.

The delicacy and precision of the confectioner's gesture makes the cream puff sweet to look at as well as delicious to eat.

Art in business is able to enhance human and professional qualities in a more charming way by using that aspect of what is essential which is in effect the winning card that drives both the company and art.
The beauty of art in business helps to appreciate the love of one's work more thoroughly.

Greetings Card for Christmas – Firmenich Company

Art in business: Greetings Card for Christmas – Firmenich Company

A particularly suitable time to introduce art into your company is Christmas time. Sending your clients and suppliers, or even your own employees, an original work of art or an exquisite print is certainly a privileged way to surprise the recipient and enhance the relationship.

Firmenich SA is a Swiss company that works in the perfume and aroma sector. It is the largest private company in its field. Firmenich has created numerous perfumes in over 100 years and it has produced a series of aromas used every day by millions of consumers.

Every year the Firmenich's Italian branch chooses a high-resolution print of a work of art and prints it on the finest card then sending it to its clients and suppliers with a personal ad hoc dedication inside.

For the Christmas gift in 2013 a work by Francesco Zavatta was chosen, called “Unexpected and awaited” imprevisto e atteso and it had the picture printed on an exclusive quality of card.

The work chosen measures 70x70cm and is an oil on canvas of St. Mark's Square in Venice; there is a glimpse of the bell tower, reflections of water on the square's paving stones done by using warm colours that make the work chosen by the company very evocative and create a strong impact.

The printing of the work was done by the artist himself with the company's printing expert and the head of the company. The gift was sent by the company to all its clients throughout the world for good wishes for Christmas and the coming year.