26 December 2016

Monday 26th December 2016 – A year of working

In this last Monday of the year 2016 I offer you a collage of the most significant artworks of the year. The colors of Liguria, the skyline at the sunset, the Duomo, the roads, my sea and the city of San Francisco, a new theme entered in my path with wonder and amazement. I thank so much all of the people who allow me go on this way, by buying and promoting my artworks. Happy new year!
19 December 2016

Monday 19th December 2016 – A never-ending road

The road is long, full of crossings and surprises but, as in this picture of San Francisco, we can see a direction, and the sky opens to a never-ending road. In this oil on canvas the yellow road signs trace the direction, and with the wires An oil on canvas on which the yellow road signs, represented in the material way, trace the direction of the picture, and with the unfailing wires accompany me on this beatiful journey. Merry Christmas!
18 December 2016

Monday 12th December 2016 – San Francisco

Last summer I was in USA and I visited San Francisco. I really wished to see its long road. In this artwork I represented a view of the rails of the cable car. My eyes were looking up, where is the orange of the sky. Sometimes Monday is like this road: it begins rising! Happy Monday!
5 December 2016

Monday 5th December 2016 – Bright fire

In this artwork “Light in the port” (40x40cm oil on canvas) you can see the thin but luminous line of the orange that disperses into the pink and the grey of th sky. It was that line that sparked off my desire of painting. And it happens often: a little detail can kindle me and get me moving. Keeping the fire brighting is the most attractive challenge  in life. Have a great monday!