25 December 2017

Monday 25th December 2017 – Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everybody! The last Monday of 2017 is just today, and as per tradition here is the collage of the most significant works of this year. The wish I have for you is to always remain yourself in what you do, it is the simplest and most winning weapon you can have. In this collage there are the places I have painted, how they were born, the experiences lived, Portugal, its endless oceans, open-air symphonies in Piazza Duomo in Milan, streets […]
18 December 2017

Monday 18th December 2017 – Dolomites of Brenta

This Monday I present you the artwork “Dolomites of Brenta”. I painted it “en plein air” in Val Nambrone, in Trentino. Thanks to a friend I discovered this place and armed with spatulas and brushes I started painting. The working conditions (the weather) were not the best, but this fact did not stop me, my eyes were all magnetized by those snowy peaks.  When I painted this moment very intense for me, the intent was not to exhaust that moment as […]
11 December 2017

Monday 11th December 2017 – Madonnina

The  twilight enhances all the contrasts of buildings and makes them dynamic. The buildings seem waves crashing against the shore, which mingle in the swirling volumes of the city. What attracts me are not the buildings themselves, but the life they bring and how the sky manages to make the whole atmosphere engaging. Every time I come to look for these situations, because layer by layer I find something interesting for me. Happy monday !
4 December 2017

Monday 4th December 2017 – Ocean

This picture is delicate. The movement starts from the turquoise and then spreads out in the yellow lights. The yellow fades to green and is softened by violet and pink clouds. There is not always need to focus only one point of attraction; as in this artwork, it is sometimes nice to be transported by the spectacle that is presented to the eye. So I wish you happey Monday and a great beginning of the week!