30 October 2017

Monday 30th October 2017 – San Francisco

There are places that over time become familiar, because they remind me that I am walking, and that the road is still long and difficult. In this painting about San Francisco, only black and white with few touches of color, the floor of the road in the foreground is all slippery, and becomes defined only towards the end of the hill. The buildings have some color inserts, made through the oil pastel, which blends the vertical movements of the buildings […]
23 October 2017

Monday 23rd October 2017 – Cabo de Sao Vicente

This summer I visited Portugal and it was a journey full of inspiration and suggestions. This artwork represents Cabo de Sao Vicente, near Sagres, in the South West of Portugal. I enjoyed painting the first floor of the rocks, which seems almost abstract, with the lines crossing and the colors overlapping as if moved by the impetuous wind. Even more I enjoyed painting the ocean, with its immense and deep blue. It is difficult to find words to describe your […]
16 October 2017

Monday 16th October 2017 – Wind

This recent Irish artwork is a view of the imposing Cliffs of Moher from Galway. The wind dominates the scene of the painting: everything is swept away like an hurricane, and the greens in the speed become almost transparent and mixed with the intense colors of the ocean. The cliff, central, gives balance to the work. I love painting these totally natural landscapes, giving me a sense of infinite and deep peace.
9 October 2017

Monday 9th October 2017 – Skyline

In this skyline the light is only between the Branca tower and the Duomo, the rest is in the backlight. The line of the new buildings and of the historic monuments wrapped in the colors of the sky is always an amazing view, because it is like a close dialogue between the earth and the heaven. Memories, urban sunrise.. I strongly desire to know and paint Milan, indeed a rising city. Happy Monday and good week!