19 April 2021
2021 Duomo 24x30cm olio su tela

Monday 19th April 2021 – Duomo

Last week I went to a client’s home to deliver one of my artworks on the Duomo. While I was setting up the work, we discussed the fact that whoever loves Milan, immediately think to the Duomo, to the Madonnina. Yes, there are also other symbolic places I would say “untouchable” such as Sant’Ambrogio, the San Siro stadium for sportsmen, Unicredit and the whole area of ​​Porta Garibaldi with the Isola district. But why the Duomo? I try to give […]
12 April 2021
2021 Fili 21x29,7cm tecnica mista su carta

Monday 12th April 2021 – Wires

When I start painting a subject in which I discover something interesting, I feel the urge to work a lot on it. To experiment you have to accept to make mistakes, to take risks, then among the many failed things, something is born for which I say: here is something beautiful, to be saved! And that’s how I proceed when I work. In this small work on paper I was very struck by the contrast between the blue of the […]
5 April 2021
2021 Piazza 5 Giornate 30x30cm tecnica mista su carta

Monday 5th April 2021 – Piazza Cinque Giornate

In this painting on paper I depicted a memorable glimpse of Piazza Cinque Giornate in Milan. I prepared a series of cards, all placed close together, and I cast the color on them, creating these explosions. Once the color has dried, I mentioned the tree, the building and the presence of the tram on the right that crosses the square. Finally, with a wet wiper with black color I inserted the wires into the sky. That is always a very […]
29 March 2021
2021 Fili Milano 100x150cm tecnica mista su tela

Monday 29th March 2021- Milano Wires

As I told you last week, in this period I am working on the skies and wires of Milan. In this painting my attention is entirely focused on the breadth of the sky. To begin this work I started from the canvas on the ground, throwing several layers of different acrylic colors very diluted with water. While the color was still wet, I dried the color and gave body to the clouds with some paper and rags. Once the sky […]