Laboratorio sulle montagne – scuola primaria
9 April 2017
Monday 17th April 2017 – Nocturnal- Cathedral
17 April 2017
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Monday 10th April – Wet Dock

The port, the dock, the masts of the boats and the sunset light through them: every time I need to paint them, even though they disappear soon. In this painting, on oil on canvas of 160×120 cm, I focussed on two things: first, the intense orange of the sky, which then fades at the top with green and gray tones. A powerful energy of the sky that gradually disappears. The other element is the reflection of the white and yellow light that passes through the wall of the dock and the water, making it shiny.

Happy Monday, and good week


darsena, rimini, seascape, tramonto

Darsena 160x120cm olio su tela 10 Aprile 2017