Monday 6th November 2017 – Pink Sunset
6 November 2017
Monday 20th November – Open Sea
20 November 2017
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Monday 13th November 2017 – Algarve


The rocks of the promontory dominate the view, in the yellowish and warm colors of orange with some tip of red. The ultramarine blue and cobalt blue of the ocean gives balance and intensity.
The burning and disruptive fire of the rock is softened by the immense ocean, which makes the nearby earth vibrant.
I find myself in these contrasts because all the energy that drives me to go beyond is silenced by something much bigger, unexpected, which makes me stop and be amazed.
You can see this work in the next exhibition OCEAN AND CITY in Milan on November 23rd.
I’m looking forward to you in the opening on November 23 at 19.00.
Happy Monday and good week!


2017 Algarve 30x60cm olio su tela