Monday 8th May 2017 – Morning
8 May 2017
Monday 22nd May 2017 – Red traffic light
22 May 2017
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Monday 15th May 2017 – My journey

As I get up in the morning, thinking about all the daily, I feel myself as in front of an uphill ride. The streets in San Francisco are just that, very long, with steep climbs and as many descents. The yellow taxi in the road is me, just got up, which I still have to put in the right lane before the rise. I wanted to give more clarity and brightness to the uphill road because that is where the sun beats and I have to go. Parts of houses and trees are just mentioned in order to give space to the  taxi, and to the yellow line that balances the picture.
Happy Monday and good week at all!

taxi, sfo,san francisco, cityscape

San Francisco taxi 60x30cm oliosu tela