Monday 9th July 2018 – Bernina Express
9 July 2018
Monday 23rd July 2018 – Sunset on the dock
23 July 2018
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Monday 16th July 2018 – Cliffs of Moher



I painted several times some views of the Cliffs of Moher without ever seeing them in person until a couple of weeks ago. It was really interesting to capture the different natural aspects such as the wind, the sound of water, the depth of the greens. Breathing the air of that place helped me to grasp the infinite shades of the colors present. In this painting I rediscover the lived experience. I do not like photographic realism, but I wish there was always in my paintings an “explosive” aspect that brings me back to what I felt while I was there. “Painting”, said Cy Twombly, “is more a fusion: to melt ideas, to melt sensations, to melt things and to project them into the atmosphere”.
This message is interesting as a working hypothesis. Happy monday and good summer to all!