Monday 13rd June 2016 – New York Yellow Stripes
13 June 2016
2016 sera d'estate 40x40cm olio su tela
Monday 27th June – Summer Evening
27 June 2016
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Monday 20th June – The only danger

Ritorno da te, 40x40cm, olio su tela

Ritorno da te, 40x40cm, olio su tela

“TV says that the roads are dangerous / but the only danger that I feel really / is to not be able to feel anything / the scent of flowers, the smell of the city.”

These words are taken from “Mud”, a song of Jovanotti, who impressed me greatly.

When he says that the real danger is that it could no longer feel anything… I paint in order to give voice to this concern. In this work, 40x40cm, oil on canvas, the protagonist is the road, as in the quote of the song. I think the roads are not something dangerous, but something fascinating. In this context, the key point is the direction of the red traffic divider and the sunset, barely mentioned, that makes the return trip a time load of waiting. Happy Monday, and good week to all!