Monday 13th March 2017 -New York
13 March 2017
Monday 27th March 2017 – Skyline
27 March 2017
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Monday 20th March 2017 – Open Sea

Last Saturday I did a performance during the OpenDay of the ITS Foundation in San Paolo D’Argon, near Bergamo.
I brought a canvas and an easel and, during the confirmation, I started to paint a picture that I completed after four hours. Thinking about the subject – you can see it below- I wanted to send a strong message to the students: launch yourself in the open sea, give space to your desires and jump, certain that on the horizon there is always something beautiful that makes open your eyes wide.
The painting, an oil on canvas of 100x150cm, is currently inside the Foundation, and it is drying, but it is available. Wishing everyone to desire great things, good Monday and good week!

2017 Mare aperto 100x150cm olio su tela