2020 Darsena 40x60cm olio su tela rid
Monday 14th September 2020 – Sunset over the port
14 September 2020
2020 Attracchi 2 180x100cm olio su tela
Monday 28th September 2020 – Backup
28 September 2020
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Monday 21st September 2020 – Duomo

020 Duomo 020 Duomo 20x30cm olio su telaolio su tela

020 Duomo 20x30cm olio su tela

Over the years, the city of Milan has made me come out for all that I am: when I had some doubts, it made me be more decisive in my choices, it made me come out directly from the tube of color the essentiality of what I was experiencing. In this small work on the Duomo (20x30cm) there is all the openness of the Lombard sky, into the veils of the clouds. In the lines of the tram on the left, so suspended, I feel like the vertigo of those threads so suffered, because to conquer beautiful things you have to earn them every time and for me it is a bit of an ever new challenge to put myself in front of the blank canvas.
From those wires suspended in the sky, the ropes immersed in the water of the new series of moorings were born. Whether it’s sky or water, those lines are binders that allow me to look better and enter more and more as a protagonist in the things I live.
Happy Monday everyone!

2020 Duomo 020 Duomo 20x30cm olio su telaolio su tela

2020 Duomo 20x30cm olio su tela