Monday 16th January 2017 – Morning
16 January 2017
Monday 30th January 2017 – Vision
30 January 2017
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Monday 23rd January 2017 – Early Evening

There are lights, moments and times of the day that remain forever in ones mind. Early evening, is the title of this masterpiece, oil on canvas with the wet dock and the masts passed by an orange light. Painting these lights might take a moment where sometimes you manage to catch them with a sensible touch of a brush or spatula, and other times it happens that you cannot turn them into a work of art. Beyond being able to make a light or a color, what was important to me is to keep my eyes wide open, in order to see these amazing sights.
A good Monday and good week to all!


Vespero, 50×35 cm, olio su tela