Monday 20th November – Open Sea
20 November 2017
Monday 4th December 2017 – Ocean
4 December 2017
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Monday 27th November 2017 – Subway Duomo


Today I present you the oil on canvas “Metro (subway) Duomo”. It represents the exit of the subway stop “Duomo”, in the morning. The steps of the exit are still in the dark, and contrast with the white facade of the cathedral.
As wrote the designer Susanna Pagani about my first exhibition on Milan, in 2014:
Borders of things take their shape and then they dissolve; colours, lines and segments create such an intense and full of affection atmosphere that almost without noticing it you find yourself in the Duomo square, you are immediately in a place and in a time that your heart recognises. A strange synchronization happens and allows you to enter and grasp memories and feelings as you were actually there. You can breathe Milan.
Happy Monday and good week!

metro duomo, milano