Monday 22nd August 2016 – Glare
22 August 2016
LINEA D’ORIZZONTE, personal exhibition in Rimini, 17th September – 26th November 2016
4 September 2016
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Monday 29th August 2016 – Transparent

“Transparent” is a painting of small size (30x40cm) and represents a water-edge. The subject apparently seems insignificant but that reflection on the right, full of subtle glazing it’s the notice that there is something uncannily beautiful.
Happy Monday, and good week, maybe someone has already returned to work, I greet you from Las Vegas!
I will return in a few days, and will be a September full of events,

2010 - Transparent, 30x40cm, oil on canvas

2010 – Transparent, 30x40cm, oil on canvas