2021 Attracchi 100x180cm olio su tela
Monday 24th May 2021 – Moorings
24 May 2021
2021 Madonnina 20x50cm olio su tela
Monday 7th June 2021- Duomo
7 June 2021
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Monday 31st May 2021- Tram Wires

Last week a student, during a lesson about inspiration in painting, asked this question, which I would like to share: “How do you make light like this? Does it depend on which oil colors do you use? From their brilliance? ”
I replied that sometimes, as in this painting from the Tram Wires series, there is hardly any oil color, because I used acrylic water colors and in the end I gave a very light final haze of oil color to give that feeling you see, of almost blinding glow.
It is not the oil colors themselves that give the light, but the way I place them. Light, at least for me, is something that, by dint of working and spreading the color, comes out at a certain point, without being able to decided in advance.
I find this Monday’s painting non obvious: while the color was still wet, I suspected that something beautiful was being born.
The presence of the wires, so discreet, is necessary because they are now my traveling companions, and between one intersection and another they always surprise me.
Happy Monday and good week to all
2021 Fili I 80x120cm tecnica mista su tela

2021 Fili I 80x120cm tecnica mista su tela