Monday 26th June 2017 – Open the windows
26 June 2017
Monday 10th July 2017 – Dancing sky
10 July 2017
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Monday 3rd July 2017 – Naked soul

Now I’m working on some paperwork and I remember the first cityscape I did, “Via Andrea Costa”.
As soon as I arrived in Milan, in 2012, the impact with this city, with its buildings, the heavily clogged traffic, was rather depressing. I started doing this paperwork throwing water in the sky as a sign of the scream I had inside, which was so much of a pain but also a need to understand what was good for me in that reality. I used some crayons as a glimpse of life. This is a work that belongs to me very much. It made me realize that even when you experience awkward passages, you are able not to disguise yourself and not to be afraid to show your own naked soul.
Today I am happy, because I have won those fears, and I have discovered the beaty of the city.
Good Monday and good week at all!