LINEA D’ORIZZONTE, personal exhibition in Rimini, 17th September – 26th November 2016
4 September 2016
Monday 12th September 2016 – Silence after a storm
12 September 2016
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Monday 5th September 2016, Green Sea

In this work the horizon line of the wet dock divides the bottom, where is the calming blue green sea, from the top, where the sky opens itself centrally in a white break.
I remember when I have painted it: the canvas on the ground, holding a slat load of color. At the bottom I used long slats to “stretch” the color and make the water more transparent and luminous.

You can see this work and many others at Augeo Art Space on September, 17, h. 18.30 in Rimini, Corso d’Augusto 217.

Happy Monday to everyone!