6 August 2017
Monday 14th August 2017 – Water edge
14 August 2017
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Monday 7th August 2017 – Coloured sky


Some friends asked me to show how a picture rises and  why painting it’s interesting for me. Armed with paper, brush, spatulas, chalks and chalks I fought to paint this work. I was on a stage in front of 400 people. The title comes from a comment by a child who exclaimed: what a beautiful coloured sky! Children have always a simplicity that strikes me, from which I never stop learning. It was an evening full of questions, for example when I realized I wanted to be painter, or when I realized that an artwork is finished. For me an artwork is finished when there is life inside!
Happy Monday and good week at all!

Cielo colorato 74×100 cm tecnica mista su carta