Monday 1st May 2017 – At work
1 May 2017
Monday 15th May 2017 – My journey
15 May 2017
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Monday 8th May 2017 – Morning

Last Saturday I went to the Artistic High School Carlo Dell’Acqua, in Legnano, to tell about my work and to make a live performance. I told students that painting is hunger and thirst for beauty, and need to shout something to the world. It is a journey and becomes a job you can live if you are willing to work hard and bet on what you do.
The students made me a lot of questions, including technical ones, and an interesting dialogue was born first and foremost for me.
During the live performance I made an oil on canvas of 70x100cm size, titled Morning. The work is crossed by two opposite movements, the motion of the sea waves toward the shore, and the thrust of the flap of land towards the horizon.
Happy Monday and good week at all!

2017 Mattino 70x100cm olio su tela