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8 April 2018
Monday 16th April 2018 – Urban Serenade
16 April 2018
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Monday 9th April 2018 – Ocean

2018-oceano-50x60cm-olio-su-tela- francesco zavatta


This Monday I show you a picture rich in movements, which take many directions moved by the wind. In the bright colors of the sky there is like a great gap, which is like a great door. In this ocean so full of crossroads and paths I see myself now, in the middle of big challenges like those of enlarging the spaces of my atelier or some upcoming exhibitions. In a meeting years ago, a Japanese sculptor, Etsuro Sotoo, told me: “if you have so many questions in your heart, in your life you will open so many doors”. With this I wish happy Monday and good week to all!

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