But if the light falls, my heart remains there, If there is a thought that turns it on is to look for Monday...

Lucio Dalla, Lunedì

Since May 2015 every Monday I publish on my website (and share on my social) one of my artwork or anything that struck me: a reading, a song, an unexpected meeting. Why on Monday? Because on Monday all starts again, for better or for worse, like it or not, but it's better that way! Up with Monday, and with the life that comes to you anyway.

Francesco Zavatta - Artist, Painter Milan

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6 July 2020
2020 Tramonto nuova darsena 60x70cm olio su tela

Monday 6th July 2020 – Sunset on the harbor

When I need to understand if my work is going in the right direction, I usually ask other people, not only professionals but also people who have a simple thought, which helps me a lot in understanding if what I do is an accessible language everyone. In this painting I depicted the sunset lights on the harbor and I tried to use colors that are as soft as possible and above all not to use too much material, if not […]
29 June 2020
2020 Duomo 60x180cm olio su tela

Monday 29th June 2020 – Cathedral

This Monday’s Duomo starts from a provocation that we faced in a dinner few days ago: Can art be a way of experiencing work? To implement – not only represent – a new way of working? Can it still “employ” the society? These questions are taken from an intervention by Francesco Fornasieri that you can read here. In this article the author reflects on the fact that, during the Middle Ages, the construction of large cathedrals including the Milan Cathedral […]
22 June 2020
2020 Darsena al tramonto 30x30cm tecnica mista su carta

Lunedì 22 giugno 2020 – Solstizio d’Estate

In questo dipinto su carta c’è questa esplosione di colori del tramonto sulla parte del molo dove mi capita di passeggiare e rimanere incantato da quelle luci così estive.di questo periodo. Il lavorare su carta è un processo pittorico differente da quello su tela perché sulla carta utilizzo colori all’acqua e molto liquidi, per cui in pochissime velature devo tirare fuori l’essenziale e poi lasciare il bianco della carta nei punti di maggior luminosità, ed è sempre l’impresa più ardua! […]
15 June 2020
2020 Luce tra le corde 30x30cm olio su tela

Monday 15 June 2020 – Light between the ropes

The life of water is a wonderful world, and in this work that I show you in particular I would like to focus on one point of the picture. In the upper part, on the left, the white light is reflected in the water, with the rope that crosses it and then those lumps of white that melt in the turquoise reflections: I really like that the point of maximum attraction is so clear and illuminated . I like this […]
8 June 2020
2020 Ghiacciai 80x200cm olio su tela

Lunedì 8 giugno 2020 – Dolomiti

In questa opera ho raffigurato il gruppo delle Dolomiti del Brenta e dell’Adamello in Trentino, nel momento dell’alba dove si incominciano a intravedere le prime luci del giorno. Mi interessava creare un unico fascio luminoso che attraversasse tutte le cime e le facesse emergere in tutta il loro slancio verso il cielo. È un quadro molto lavorato e vissuto, in modo particolare nelle tonalità scure del cielo, per cercare di fare emergere il protagonista dell’opera, che sono le luci dell’alba. […]
1 June 2020
2020 Skyline 50x80cm olio su tela

Lunedì 1 giugno 2020 – Skyline

Ci sono luci e colori a Milano che sono proprio così come si vedono in questo dipinto sullo Skyline. Rimango sempre estasiato quando vedo questa ampiezza del cielo così carica di colore: ci sono degli aranci che mi hanno sorpreso per la loro dolcezza. Con questo squarcio di luce vi auguro buona settimana e buon lunedì a tutti!
25 May 2020
2020 Darsena 80x50cm olio su tela

Monday 25th May 2020 – Dock

In this period I am focusing on this kind of paintings on the dock, in which there are these elements of the ropes and poles that plunge into the water. It is a new symbolic reading key in which I am finding myself, through those ropes so delicate but essential, because they hold the boats on the poles. To lay these ropes I make the same gesture that I use to make the wires of the tram in Milan, and […]
18 May 2020
2020 Duomo 50x50cm olio su tela

Monday 18th May 2020 – Duomo

In order to paint this Duomo oil on canvas I used a very intense ultramarine blue and I created this sky depicted in the moment of the evening. You can clearly see the light of the Madonnina that stands out up there in all its brilliance, thanks also to the color of the sky. The cutting edges are fighters that collide, and it strikes me a lot as inside this epoch-making conflict we are going through in Covid-19, there is […]