But if the light falls, my heart remains there, If there is a thought that turns it on is to look for Monday...

Lucio Dalla, Lunedì

Since May 2015 every Monday I publish on my website (and share on my social) one of my artwork or anything that struck me: a reading, a song, an unexpected meeting. Why on Monday? Because on Monday all starts again, for better or for worse, like it or not, but it's better that way! Up with Monday, and with the life that comes to you anyway.


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    18 October 2021
    2021 Piazza Cinque giornate 50x50cm tecnica mista su tela

    Lunedì 18 ottobre 2021 – Piazza Cinque Giornate

    In questo dipinto su Piazza cinque giornate c’è qualcosa di nuovo, frutto dell’insistenza sulle linee e nell’utilizzare il colore in un modo più irrompente. Nel cielo, che è la parte più luminosa del quadro, si vedono le impronte degli stracci che ho utilizzato per creare il volume delle nuvole. Poi c’è un ritmo molto intenso negli intrecci delle linee dei fili attraverso piccoli tocchi di carboncino o di acrilico nero. Infine, i palazzi sono segnati dal passaggio dei fili e […]
    11 October 2021
    2021 Fili 80x120cm tecnica mista su tela

    Monday 11th October – Ring Road

    This painting on the Milan ring road, with the wires of the cables accompanying the direction of the road, reminded me of a song very dear to me, which I listened to for the first time just when, as soon as I arrived in Milan, I discovered its wires. This is the song by Lucio Dalla “Le rondini”, which has a moving and beautiful opening that says: “I would like to enter the wires of a radio / And fly […]
    4 October 2021
    2021 Fili 70x90cm tecnica mista su tela

    Lunedì 4 ottobre 2021 – Fili

    La settimana scorsa ho tenuto un laboratorio in una scuola primaria a Corbetta. In un clima di ascolto molto bello, ho raccontato loro che il lavoro di un artista non è solo di dipingere i quadri ma anche saper tenere le relazioni con le persone che chiedono di vedere e acquistare le opere, e sapere creare dei progetti e seguirli. Un bambino mi ha chiesto proprio di spiegargli bene, nel dettaglio, cosa succede quando una persona vuole acquistare una mia […]
    27 September 2021
    2021 Milano 130x420cm olio su tela

    Monday 27th September 2021 – Milan

    Today I will show you the biggest painting I have done so far, an oil on canvas of 130×420 cm. I painted this oil on canvas picture specifically for the office of a company. It represents Milan’s skyline, in particular Duomo and Velasca Tower. On the right hand you can see the mighty Monte Rosa, the highest mountain in the homonymous group located just outside Lombardia region’s western board, in North Western Alps. Intentionally the sky occupies the most part […]
    20 September 2021
    2021 Attracco 20x20cm olio su tela

    Lunedì 20 settembre 2021 – Attracco

    Lunedì scorso una persona mi ha scritto una mail in cui ha colto bene il punto su cui mi sto concentrando in questo periodo nella mia ricerca, ovvero: “Le linee sono spesso al cuore delle tue opere”. Già, molto vero! Infatti, in questo attracco 20x20cm ci sono due linee delle corde che spezzano il ritmo verticale del palo e del mare che si specchia nei suoi riflessi turchesi. Nel reel che potete vedere su Instagram mostro come utilizzo il colore […]
    13 September 2021
    2021 Metro 20x20cm tecnica mista su tela

    Monday 13th September 2021 – Subway

    I have painted very few times the subway from the inside, but when I started working on the theme of lines in the Parking and Airport series I also started photographing the lines and movements that I saw when I was stopped at the platform waiting for the subway, and I painted some work. In this small 20x20cm artwork I used a black fabric and then with a few signs I outlined the famous “yellow line”, the one not to […]
    6 September 2021
    2021 Airport 40x40cm olio su tela

    Monday 6th September 2021 – Airport

    The signs of the airport runways always make me think: in which direction will my work go? I don’t know, I answer myself, it is always difficult to predict what will happen. The only thing that makes me breathe is to experience what I have in my hands well, such as this track in the foreground. It seems like a reflected cloud, and the contrast between violet and ocher creates an atmosphere of active, tense expectation, like the prelude to […]
    30 August 2021
    2021 Stazione centrale 40x40cm olio su tela

    Monday 30th August 2021 – Central Station

    I chose this image of the entrance to the large galleries of Milan Central Station for this moment of the end of the holidays. The lump of Prussian blue gives thickness to the station structures. By diluting the color a lot with oil, I slid the color with the wiper blade, and I created those lines of the electric cables of the trains, which enter the tunnels from above. I like those threads that run straight. The eye leads me […]