But if the light falls, my heart remains there, If there is a thought that turns it on is to look for Monday...

Lucio Dalla, Lunedì

Since May 2015 every Monday I publish on my website (and share on my social) one of my artwork or anything that struck me: a reading, a song, an unexpected meeting. Why on Monday? Because on Monday all starts again, for better or for worse, like it or not, but it's better that way! Up with Monday, and with the life that comes to you anyway.


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    2 August 2021
    2021 Montagne Lecco 30x120cm olio su tela

    Lunedì 2 agosto 2021 – Montagne

    Nel mio lavoro capita di lavorare su commissione: c’è da dire che è sempre una sfida bella, ma bisogna stare attenti e sapere valutare accuratamente se quello che viene chiesto fa parte del proprio modo di dipingere. In questo caso mi era stato chiesto di raffigurare il complesso di montagne intorno a Lecco con i colori del tramonto, nel formato 30x120cm. Le montagne sono un soggetto che dipingo da diverso tempo, ed è stato semplice accettare la committenza. Mentre dipingevo […]
    26 July 2021
    2021 Uscita dal porto 90x70cm olio su tela

    Monday 26th July 2021 – Exit from the port

    In this painting the most beautiful thing is the sea, which has a crazy depth given by the chromatic richness of the greens and blues. The structure of the two lighthouses in the port of Rimini is one of the views I prefer the most, because the distance between the two lighthouses is like a continuous dialogue between two people, and in the middle passes the whole life, made of lights, shadows, winds and above all the desire to set […]
    19 July 2021
    2021 Direzione 30x30cm carta

    Monday 19th July 2021 – Direction

    The journey continues, this time inside the city. The absolute protagonist of this artwork on paper is the line. I started from the structure of the Milan ring road: the cables from the top go towards the curve, and always in that direction there is the strip of white road signs, which leads the eye in the same direction. The black of the road enhances the contrast with the white line. It is a synthesis of our inner city that […]
    12 July 2021
    2021 Stazione Centrale 70x90cm olio su tela

    Monday 12th July 2021 – Railway

    The subject of the railways is really something that strikes me, for the structures and for the speed created by the lines of the tracks. In this painting there is in the foreground a diagonal with an iron railing of a bridge, which makes us be there, as spectators of the scene. Then there are those three vertical poles, which balance the push towards the horizon given by the tracks. The white spaces of the docks are wanted, just to […]
    5 July 2021
    2021 Uscita metro 50x50cm olio su tela

    Monday 5th July 2021 – Subway Duomo

    The exit from the subway “Duomo” in Milan has something that always surprises me. While I was painting it, I realized that I had drawn too many lines, which disturbed the attention. So I simplified the whole composition by focusing on the three red lines of the handrail and on the vertical blue one of the pole. It made me breathe, because I immediately felt that my sight was directed towards the Madonnina. I have been working on this theme […]
    28 June 2021
    2021 Attracchi 150x180cm olio su tela

    Monday 28th June 2021 – Moorings

    My relationship with the canvas is always very dynamic: sometimes I feel that the rhythm while I’m painting is a bit bland and that’s where I feel the urge to get to a point. In these large-format Moorings (150x180cm), the first rope at the bottom right, with the help of the squeegee that I often use to trace the ropes and wires, came out as a point of light, which surprised me and dictated the rhythm of the other strings. […]
    21 June 2021
    2021 Airport 50x40cm olio su tela

    Lunedì 21 giugno 2021 – Airport

    In questo dipinto della serie Airport c’è in primo piano l’aereo fermo e il bus navetta che sta andando a prendere i bagagli. È una situazione direi molto banale, normale dell’attività lavorativa in aeroporto, ma dopo avere dipinto questo scorcio mi ha colpito la composizione che ne è nata. In questa situazione di attesa dell’arrivo della navetta e dell’attacco del tunnel da dove i passeggeri usciranno per andare al gate, c’è la linea gialla, che fa risaltare questo momento rendendolo pieno […]
    14 June 2021
    2021 Attracchi 143x90cm olio su tela

    Monday 14th June 2021 – Moorings

    A few weeks ago I held a workshop in a primary school on this theme of moorings. The idea of ​​the art teacher was to leave a positive message to the two fifth classes (53 children in all) for the end of the school year. It was a really intense and fascinating moment! During the first part of the morning I painted a picture in front of them and I told how these recent works on the moorings were born. […]