30 November 2020

Monday 30th November 2020 – Duomo

Recently I thought of something that at the beginning of my arrival in Milan I would never have said: some glimpses of buildings are actually starting to enter me, no longer as a hostile presence, but as something strangely positive. The work on the lines in the series on airports, parking lots and stations is certainly helping me to let the buildings enter as dynamic elements, and with a force of color in which they are one with the movement […]
3 June 2019
skyline milano

Monday 3rd June 2019 – Skyline – Milan

When the light above the city of Milan is so intense, it attracts me so powerfully that I feel like I’m called to answer. This skyline is an oil painting on paper, a triptych that I have already available framed in double glass with the same detachments that you see between the sheets. I deliberately designed it like this, like a window wide open before my eyes. Painting comes before every concept, for me, and in this particular painting I […]
25 February 2019
2019 Skyline 60x90cm olio su tela

Monday 25th February 2019 – Skyline

The inspiration of my artworks comes from lived moments but also songs, words and meditations that lead me to go even deeper into my job. For example, I liked the lyrics of the song “Il coraggio di andare” by Biagio Antonacci and Laura Pausini. In the refrain it talks about the courage to tie the shoes and start over. In this sky of Milan I find the words of this song: in the welcoming but sharp colors  is my desire […]