21 September 2020
020 Duomo 020 Duomo 20x30cm olio su telaolio su tela

Monday 21st September 2020 – Duomo

Over the years, the city of Milan has made me come out for all that I am: when I had some doubts, it made me be more decisive in my choices, it made me come out directly from the tube of color the essentiality of what I was experiencing. In this small work on the Duomo (20x30cm) there is all the openness of the Lombard sky, into the veils of the clouds. In the lines of the tram on the […]
9 December 2019
Francesco Zavatta 2019 Skyline Milano 60x200cm olio su tela

Lunedì 9 dicembre 2019 – Skyline

Carissimi, Si è conclusa molto positivamente questa esperienza della mostra OPEN SPACE! Ringrazio le tante persone che sono venute all’inaugurazione e poi a seguire, ringrazio gli 85 bambini della primaria Chicca Gallazzi di Busto Arsizio e tutte le specialissime persone di Cura e Riabilitazione che sono venuti a farmi visita. Una delle opere che ha avuto più riscontro è stata sicuramente questo skyline di Milano: un cielo molto luminoso, in mostra per la luce che aveva sembrava di essere dentro […]
26 August 2019
2019 Skyline 60x200cm olio su tela

Monday 26th August 2019 – Skyline

The sky of Milan in some periods is particularly suggestive, because its colors almost seem to come out directly from the color tube. In the framework of the picture I always feel that the sky must have more space because that’s where my eyes want to stop and contemplate. The Milan skyline remains thinner, in backlight, precisely because the city is like a spectator of the view. With these flashes of lived beauty, I wish you a good Monday!
24 June 2019

Monday 24th June 2019 – Milan Cathedral

As I mentioned earlier, I am in Iceland right now, but I have prepared the Monday anyway! I do not hide the fact that I often paint the Cathedral of Milan, because I find it a suggestive square that always speaks to me and because it is a very appreciated subject. There is one aspect that fascinates me about this painting and it is the spatulas that are quite painful, I would say,  full of continuous mistakes that are corrected […]