18 February 2019

Monday 18th February 2019 – Milan Cathedral

It was a long time since I wanted to paint a large Cathedral’s Square with people like this, measuring 200x200cm. The strength of this square lies in the light beam of the sky that stands out in the middle of the facade of the Milan Cathedral, while people are walking towards their destinations. I like this human synergy with the square, and this airy atmosphere, full of dynamism, thanks to the blue color. And actually it’s Milan as I live […]
13 February 2017

Monday 13th February 2017 – Quiet

In this seascape titled “Quiet” I used the pigments of ultramarine blue and Prussian blue, mixing them with linseed oil. Then, I marked the horizon with shades of red and yellow, up to a point of pure light, the white on the right. The title “Quiet” came right from the prevalence of the blue, the color that I love, in all its shades, since it gives breadth and depth. I hope that all of you can find their Blue today… happy […]