25 May 2020
2020 Darsena 80x50cm olio su tela

Monday 25th May 2020 – Dock

In this period I am focusing on this kind of paintings on the dock, in which there are these elements of the ropes and poles that plunge into the water. It is a new symbolic reading key in which I am finding myself, through those ropes so delicate but essential, because they hold the boats on the poles. To lay these ropes I make the same gesture that I use to make the wires of the tram in Milan, and […]
22 October 2018

Monday 21st October 2018 – Boathouse

I believe that painting is a slow process, in which you must have a lot of patience. In my studio, I spend a lot of time looking at the work to see if what I have done is worthy to get out of the studio, rather than operating on the canvas. Yesterday I was at lunch with a friend who plays the piano, who told me that among pianists they said that there are 4 ways to play the piano: […]