4 April 2016

Monday 4th April – You burst into the blue

I often wonder what is the purpose of my work in this world, and happens that, as in this work, something bursts into the blue, as if it was a gift. In this large painting (size 150x180cm), unlike other roads I did, the real protagonist is the break in the heaven. A sky full of life, matter, and layers of color mixed with spatula and brushes that explode in a whole new life! Happy Monday, and good week!
14 March 2016

Monday 14th March 2016 – Back to you

This work “Back to you” represents the bypass of Milan. On the bottom, I wanted to use the purple and the blue with shots wide and long of the spatula that give direction to the road. The sky is softened and made light by the net movement of white clouds, which make the atmosphere at the same time brighter and deeper. Happy Monday and start all week!
11 January 2016

Monday 11th January 2016 – Bypass in winter

I wonder which journey is waiting for me this year! Thinking about this a few days ago I painted this winter bypass. I used as canvas a cloth that throughout the past year was in my office, to protect the floor. I like the idea that this painting, which rushes towards the horizon, starts from a surface full of everything I’ve done so far. Happy Monday, and good week,