5 July 2021
2021 Uscita metro 50x50cm olio su tela

Monday 5th July 2021 – Subway Duomo

The exit from the subway “Duomo” in Milan has something that always surprises me. While I was painting it, I realized that I had drawn too many lines, which disturbed the attention. So I simplified the whole composition by focusing on the three red lines of the handrail and on the vertical blue one of the pole. It made me breathe, because I immediately felt that my sight was directed towards the Madonnina. I have been working on this theme […]
19 April 2021
2021 Duomo 24x30cm olio su tela

Monday 19th April 2021 – Duomo

Last week I went to a client’s home to deliver one of my artworks on the Duomo. While I was setting up the work, we discussed the fact that whoever loves Milan, immediately think to the Duomo, to the Madonnina. Yes, there are also other symbolic places I would say “untouchable” such as Sant’Ambrogio, the San Siro stadium for sportsmen, Unicredit and the whole area of ​​Porta Garibaldi with the Isola district. But why the Duomo? I try to give […]
22 March 2021
2021 Duomo 30x60cm olio su tela

Monday 22nd March 2021 – Duomo

This view of the Duomo, through the chromatic intensity of the colors, gives a lot of vitality to the square. The tram wires overlook the central part of the painting, and the white marble of the Duomo facade brings out the crackling colors of cadmium yellows, violets and intense Prussian blues. The verticality of the Madonnina, which stands out and dominates the scene, amazes me in this work. I really hope this is the last moment of lockdown, so that […]
1 February 2021
2020 Duomo 100x180cm olio su tela

Monday 1st February 2021 – Milan’s Cathedral

The act of painting the Milan Cathedral, especially in the large format like in this 100x180cm canvas, is always a very intense experience, because the rhythm is sometimes really hectic. The strength of the purple color in the lower part makes it all very dramatic. I was surprised by the suspended position of the wires on the left side of the sky: sometimes I too feel myself like I am suspended around the corner, just to see something that strikes […]