11 October 2021
2021 Fili 80x120cm tecnica mista su tela

Monday 11th October – Ring Road

This painting on the Milan ring road, with the wires of the cables accompanying the direction of the road, reminded me of a song very dear to me, which I listened to for the first time just when, as soon as I arrived in Milan, I discovered its wires. This is the song by Lucio Dalla “Le rondini”, which has a moving and beautiful opening that says: “I would like to enter the wires of a radio / And fly […]
7 June 2021
2021 Madonnina 20x50cm olio su tela

Monday 7th June 2021- Duomo

This Monday’s artwork is the Duomo seen from Piazza Fontana: it is the glimpse from which all my work on the Duomo started, in 2012 (at this link, towards the end, you will find my first paintings on the Duomo). It is fascinating when you are there at that intersection of wires, and they take you like a vortex and make you do that exercise of looking up, so at a certain point, in the middle of the tangle, the […]
31 May 2021

Monday 31st May 2021- Tram Wires

Last week a student, during a lesson about inspiration in painting, asked this question, which I would like to share: “How do you make light like this? Does it depend on which oil colors do you use? From their brilliance? ” I replied that sometimes, as in this painting from the Tram Wires series, there is hardly any oil color, because I used acrylic water colors and in the end I gave a very light final haze of oil color […]
3 May 2021
2021 Fili 180x150cm tecnica mista su tela

Monday 3rd May 2021 – Wires

I would never have said to paint the city of Milan in the way you see: at the beginning of my arrival in this city, what dominated was despair, even if accompanied by the question of knowing what would be good for me. Now I look at this sky with light backgrounds, which make it feel fresh, and below the city, made up of continuous directions. The network of tram wires that overlooks the sky dictates the rhythm of this […]