3 October 2016

Monday 3rd October 2016 – I start from home

“I start from home” is a work of 2011 that reminds me “Autumn is just arrived”. In this picture I go by car out of the block of flats where my parents live, in Rimini. In front of me there are I see some bare trees that rise into the sky. I like this relationship between the thin intertwined branches and the broader horizon of the sky. These too thin and brittle branches make me taste that big sky. Happy Monday, and good […]
3 April 2017

Monday 3rd April 2017 – Duomo

The cathedral of Milan stars in several of my cityscapes. Every time I look at the Cathedral Duomo, I carry with me the feelings that I live in that day, and that is the reason why my sight is always different, and consequently is always different the way in which I paint the cathedral on the canvas. The every day life might be full of probems and sufferings, but you can look up at the sky, follow the Madonnina and find […]
15 May 2017

Monday 15th May 2017 – My journey

As I get up in the morning, thinking about all the daily, I feel myself as in front of an uphill ride. The streets in San Francisco are just that, very long, with steep climbs and as many descents. The yellow taxi in the road is me, just got up, which I still have to put in the right lane before the rise. I wanted to give more clarity and brightness to the uphill road because that is where the […]
22 May 2017

Monday 22nd May 2017 – Red traffic light

In this artwork on paper the blue of the sky  is overlooking the scene, while the red of the traffic light stops me in the road! How many times I stop and contemplate the sky surrounding me. In that view, the pink explosion was the key factor, that made the waiting for the green light a moment of breath. Happy Monday and good week at all!