21 March 2016

Monday 21st March 2016 – Breathe

I was in Amsterdam last weekend and one of the most beautiful places there is the museum dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh. I liked most the masterpiece entitled “The Sower”. Compared to this picture Van Gogh himself said in a letter to Emile Bernard in 1888: “Snatches of memories from past times, yearnings for that infinite of which the Sower, the sheaf, are the symbols, still enchant me as before”. When I paint the sea and the Irish expanses, as […]
11 July 2016
Luci taglienti, 70x100cm, olio su tela

Monday 11th July – Cutting Lights

At this muggy heat, I would answer with the fresh Irish sky. The work is “Cutting Lights”, an oil on canvas 70 × 100 cm. There is a detail that I wanted to focus: the peack of the cliff, which creates a beam of light that points directly to the eyes of the beholder. Happy Monday and enjoy the rest of summer!
20 February 2017

Monday 20th February 2017 – Waves

During the winter I love walking on the sea shore, it’s totally relaxing because my thoughts, that always try to enclose things like I want, are swept away by bigger horizons. In this framework there is a detail that surprised me after I painted it: the waves on the horizon line, to the right. The whole movement of the framework, from the inlet of the shore to the wall of the dock, brings there, to the wave that is about […]
16 October 2017

Monday 16th October 2017 – Wind

This recent Irish artwork is a view of the imposing Cliffs of Moher from Galway. The wind dominates the scene of the painting: everything is swept away like an hurricane, and the greens in the speed become almost transparent and mixed with the intense colors of the ocean. The cliff, central, gives balance to the work. I love painting these totally natural landscapes, giving me a sense of infinite and deep peace.