11 July 2016
Luci taglienti, 70x100cm, olio su tela

Monday 11th July – Cutting Lights

At this muggy heat, I would answer with the fresh Irish sky. The work is “Cutting Lights”, an oil on canvas 70 × 100 cm. There is a detail that I wanted to focus: the peack of the cliff, which creates a beam of light that points directly to the eyes of the beholder. Happy Monday and enjoy the rest of summer!
21 March 2016

Monday 21st March 2016 – Breathe

I was in Amsterdam last weekend and one of the most beautiful places there is the museum dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh. I liked most the masterpiece entitled “The Sower”. Compared to this picture Van Gogh himself said in a letter to Emile Bernard in 1888: “Snatches of memories from past times, yearnings for that infinite of which the Sower, the sheaf, are the symbols, still enchant me as before”. When I paint the sea and the Irish expanses, as […]