5 July 2021
2021 Uscita metro 50x50cm olio su tela

Monday 5th July 2021 – Subway Duomo

The exit from the subway “Duomo” in Milan has something that always surprises me. While I was painting it, I realized that I had drawn too many lines, which disturbed the attention. So I simplified the whole composition by focusing on the three red lines of the handrail and on the vertical blue one of the pole. It made me breathe, because I immediately felt that my sight was directed towards the Madonnina. I have been working on this theme […]
7 June 2021
2021 Madonnina 20x50cm olio su tela

Monday 7th June 2021- Duomo

This Monday’s artwork is the Duomo seen from Piazza Fontana: it is the glimpse from which all my work on the Duomo started, in 2012 (at this link, towards the end, you will find my first paintings on the Duomo). It is fascinating when you are there at that intersection of wires, and they take you like a vortex and make you do that exercise of looking up, so at a certain point, in the middle of the tangle, the […]
10 November 2020
2020 Uscita metro Duomo 100x100cm olio su tela

Monday 9th November 2020 – Duomo Subway Exit

Last week, as I was about to leave the studio, the lights were already off, and I stopped to look at this work, Duomo Subway Exit which was just painted. I was moved because, even with the surrounding lights already off, the marble of the white facade of the Duomo gave off a very beautiful, discreet but present light. There I realized that the painting was finished! Another important aspect of the work is the pose of the person with […]
29 June 2020
2020 Duomo 60x180cm olio su tela

Monday 29th June 2020 – Cathedral

This Monday’s Duomo starts from a provocation that we faced in a dinner few days ago: Can art be a way of experiencing work? To implement – not only represent – a new way of working? Can it still “employ” the society? These questions are taken from an intervention by Francesco Fornasieri that you can read here. In this article the author reflects on the fact that, during the Middle Ages, the construction of large cathedrals including the Milan Cathedral […]