4 March 2019
2018 Verso Sankt Moritz 150x230cm olio su tela

Monday 4th March 2019 – Sankt Moritz

I love when, above the mountains, the sky is bustling and full of contrasts, as in this great 150x230cm painting. In those moments I feel the urgency of putting on the canvas what I have seen. In this view of the Engadine Alps the beam of light follows the train track in the middle of the poles, towards Sankt Moritz. The dynamism of the clouds seems to give a storm notice, which makes this place full of wonder for the […]
31 December 2018
Irlanda, San Siro, Duomo, Skyline, Milano, Cliffs of Moher, Engadina, Trenino Rosso del bernina

Monday 31st December 2018 – Artworks of the Year

Today is the last Monday of 2018 and as a tradition I propose a “collage” of the most significant works of my journey in this year. The year 2018 was characterized as new subjects from the Engadine seen from the Bernina Red Train, from the San Siro stadium (thanks to a subscription for Milan :)) and from the resumption of the Irish landscapes, which I returned to visit in June after 8 years. I was especially surprised to see the […]
8 October 2018
2018 Attraversata 70x50cm tecnica mista su carta

Monday 8th October 2018 – Crossing

In this mixed media on paper I have represented the mountains of the Engadine with the snow and the poles that trace the route of the Red Train. I chose this work for this Monday because the brightness of the clouds in the sky and those glimmers of blue in the background have a great charm for me. I love the freshness of the snow and the light that can be seen when the sky opens up. I just bought […]
9 July 2018

Monday 9th July 2018 – Bernina Express

I painted the picture of this Monday on my birthday, July 5th. My journey on board of the Bernina Express goes on, in a large format (190x130cm) perfect to make this crossing in the middle of the coolness of the Swiss Alps  a crackling game of signs and intertwining of color. Thinking about this work and about a dialogue with some friends, comes to my mind a song by Vasco Rossi, “How many times”, which at a certain point says: […]