10 December 2018

Monday 10th December 2018 – Skyline

In this work I portrayed the sky of Milan above the Branca tower and the Cathedral. The architectural structures are small and not too detailed because I like to highlight the vast and colorful grandeur of the sky, as if it were a great sea. With little touches of spatula I inserted some lights in the middle of the buildings: I like even if with a few taps enter the life of the city. The December issue of the magazine Arbiter has […]
11 November 2018

Tosca…sposa l’Arte

Tosca Spose vi invita all’inaugurazione del progetto “Tosca…sposa l’Arte” ideato con l’artista Francesco Zavatta mercoledì 7 novembre dalle 17,30 alle 19,30. All’interno dell’atelier Tosca Spose, sarà allestita la mostra dell’artista Francesco Zavatta, che interverrà all’aperitivo inaugurale per raccontarvi come nascono i suoi quadri. L’esposizione resterà in Atelier dal 7 novembre 2018 fino al 7 gennaio 2019. Le spose saranno così accompagnate dalle artistiche visioni dell’Oceano irlandese o delle riviere italiane, come sfondo per la loro prova abito! Tutte le spose […]
24 September 2018

Monday 24th September 2018 – Milan

The tram wires in the city of Milan always capture my attention. Watching them, then I look at the sky better and I move my eyes from the shops, remaining caught by these natural lights that soften the frenzy of the urban context. I always start from a picture, as well as in this work, but then I play with colors, especially in the palaces that are nothing but a set of dripping and intertwined movements. All this because at […]
16 April 2018

Monday 16th April 2018 – Urban Serenade

This vision of the Milan Cathedral is an urban serenade (quote from a Jovanotti song). The purple colors of the sky dominate the scene, the buildings seem to almost disappear, so intense is the brightness of the sky. I painted this artwork like a song of love, with the strings that line up for your beauty, waiting just for you to take the first step and make her dance. Happy monday and good week to everyone!