26 November 2018
2018 Scogliere 52,5x38,5cm olio su tela

Monday 26th November 2018 – Cliffs

In this paintingabout the Irish cliffs of Moher I have confined to the right side the rocks that stand out on the ocean and I gave space to the colors of the water that gradation on gradation gives life and depth to the work. The cliff in the background, however, is nothing but a touch of wide spatulate of green above the blue, and nearby a tip of thicker white, which gives light to the waves. This second cliff in […]
30 July 2018
2018 Baia 10x10cm olio su tela

Monday 30th July 2018 – Irish Bay

In this very small 10x10cm painting I have depicted an Irish Bay. It’s all a play of light and shadow, made of brush strokes and very thin spatula touches. There is a very famous song by Fiorella Mannoia, Sky of Ireland, which I think helps to get into the work when it says that Ireland “drowns you in green and covers you with blue”. In this period I am really drowning in these immense and deep colors. Happy monday and good […]
26 March 2018

Monday 26th March 2018 – Irish Coast

I love those water reflections mixed with the sandy shore. What kindness the nature gives us! I created  the movements of the water on the shore with a single spatula movement, using the ocher and the greens together. Instead, in the water there are all the intense shades of blue that cover the deep surface of the ocean. The work depicts an Irish coast, continuous travel companion of this route on the ocean that always gives me emotions. Happy monday […]
29 January 2018

Monday 29th January 2018 – Irish light

Little glimpses of Irish coasts, in this square made up of 9 pieces of 10x10cm oil on canvas. Fat brushstrokes, fast and rich of green shades. Seeing them together made me realize that you can discover a light detail of a bay or a movement of water that runs along the coast and convey the taste of those places: with a few touches of color you can capture the soul of the Irish coasts. Happy monday and good start of […]