16 August 2021
2021 Fili 120x100cm olio su tela

Monday 16th August 2021 – Tram Wires

When I am driving in city of Milan, in the middle of traffic, especially when I wait for the traffic light to turn green, I happen to be struck by the beauty of the sky and by the tram wires that cross this chaotic metropolis, which you must always be careful of: stay in the right lane and not go in the tram one, and have a long eye, as my father taught me, to look for a parking space. […]
31 May 2021

Monday 31st May 2021- Tram Wires

Last week a student, during a lesson about inspiration in painting, asked this question, which I would like to share: “How do you make light like this? Does it depend on which oil colors do you use? From their brilliance? ” I replied that sometimes, as in this painting from the Tram Wires series, there is hardly any oil color, because I used acrylic water colors and in the end I gave a very light final haze of oil color […]
17 May 2021
2021 Skyline Milano 60x200cm olio su tela

Monday 17th May 2021 – Skyline

In this painting there is a very intense moment of the day, which is when the sun is about to set, and above the city you can see this riot of colors, mixed together, which create a very beautiful energy. The artwork measures 60x200cm, and I lived it in every part of the sky, and as soon as I hung it in my living room I had a very strong backlash of emotion, which made me say for a moment: […]
1 February 2021
2020 Duomo 100x180cm olio su tela

Monday 1st February 2021 – Milan’s Cathedral

The act of painting the Milan Cathedral, especially in the large format like in this 100x180cm canvas, is always a very intense experience, because the rhythm is sometimes really hectic. The strength of the purple color in the lower part makes it all very dramatic. I was surprised by the suspended position of the wires on the left side of the sky: sometimes I too feel myself like I am suspended around the corner, just to see something that strikes […]