27 September 2021
2021 Milano 130x420cm olio su tela

Monday 27th September 2021 – Milan

Today I will show you the biggest painting I have done so far, an oil on canvas of 130×420 cm. I painted this oil on canvas picture specifically for the office of a company. It represents Milan’s skyline, in particular Duomo and Velasca Tower. On the right hand you can see the mighty Monte Rosa, the highest mountain in the homonymous group located just outside Lombardia region’s western board, in North Western Alps. Intentionally the sky occupies the most part […]
17 May 2021
2021 Skyline Milano 60x200cm olio su tela

Monday 17th May 2021 – Skyline

In this painting there is a very intense moment of the day, which is when the sun is about to set, and above the city you can see this riot of colors, mixed together, which create a very beautiful energy. The artwork measures 60x200cm, and I lived it in every part of the sky, and as soon as I hung it in my living room I had a very strong backlash of emotion, which made me say for a moment: […]