30 November 2015

Monday 30th November 2015 – There’s no time to stop

The title of this work, “There is no time to stop”, talks about my own frequent experience. Often what I have in front of my eyes is greater than the thoughts in my head and I can’t waste time lost in my thoughts. I renew my invitation for Wednesday, 9th December at 19.00 at the Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter (via Cadolini 27 in Milan). There will be for all who are a free 2016 calendar. I wait […]
7 December 2015

Monday 7th December – Cathedral Square

One day a friend asked me: “Do you get tired of painting the same subject?” In front of this Cathedral, I say no, because there is always a secret in things to be discovered. In this view certainly the perspective strucks me and then the blue light touch in the sky above the Cathedral creates a very meditative atmosphere. How can I get tired of painting these wonders?
21 December 2015
2015 - Squarci di luce, 120x120cm, oli on canvas

Monday 21st December 2015 – Happy Christmas

Dear all, this Monday I send you my best wishes for a Merry Christmas! In front of this sky over the city of Milan, I wish each of you would look for beauty, because there is. To all the people in difficulty who are seeking employment and seeking inner peace I dedicate this glimpse of beauty. Best wishes!
4 January 2016

Monday 4th January 2016 – Tram wires

For the first Monday of the 2016 I have decided to return on the subject of the tram wires, which were the first thing that struck me when I arrived in Milan. Happy Monday, and happy new year to all!