1 November 2021
2021 Brian&Berry 30x30cm tecnica mista su carta

Monday 1st November – The Brian&Barry Building

This Monday’s artwork represents a building located in San Babila in Milan, the Brian & Barry Building. In the painting I depicted a glimpse of the building with the wires that cross Via Durini and, thanks to the help of the ultramarine color, I brought out the momentum of the building, also emphasized by the movement of the wires. This week a new and exciting project starts in collaboration with Brian & Barry: for 1 month, from November 4th to […]
27 September 2021
2021 Milano 130x420cm olio su tela

Monday 27th September 2021 – Milan

Today I will show you the biggest painting I have done so far, an oil on canvas of 130×420 cm. I painted this oil on canvas picture specifically for the office of a company. It represents Milan’s skyline, in particular Duomo and Velasca Tower. On the right hand you can see the mighty Monte Rosa, the highest mountain in the homonymous group located just outside Lombardia region’s western board, in North Western Alps. Intentionally the sky occupies the most part […]
30 August 2021
2021 Stazione centrale 40x40cm olio su tela

Monday 30th August 2021 – Central Station

I chose this image of the entrance to the large galleries of Milan Central Station for this moment of the end of the holidays. The lump of Prussian blue gives thickness to the station structures. By diluting the color a lot with oil, I slid the color with the wiper blade, and I created those lines of the electric cables of the trains, which enter the tunnels from above. I like those threads that run straight. The eye leads me […]
16 August 2021
2021 Fili 120x100cm olio su tela

Monday 16th August 2021 – Tram Wires

When I am driving in city of Milan, in the middle of traffic, especially when I wait for the traffic light to turn green, I happen to be struck by the beauty of the sky and by the tram wires that cross this chaotic metropolis, which you must always be careful of: stay in the right lane and not go in the tram one, and have a long eye, as my father taught me, to look for a parking space. […]