1 March 2021
2021 Milano fili 50x70cm carta

Monday 1st March 2021 – Wires

Last week I did a meeting with some students of eighth grade. The purpose was to tell them about my work and I received a loto of questions, like: “Was it difficult for you to choose high school? How was this passion born? Have you ever had doubts or difficult moments about this choice of life? What is the greatest gratification of your job?”. The first part of the meeting was a dialogue on these questions, then at a certain […]
1 February 2021
2020 Duomo 100x180cm olio su tela

Monday 1st February 2021 – Milan’s Cathedral

The act of painting the Milan Cathedral, especially in the large format like in this 100x180cm canvas, is always a very intense experience, because the rhythm is sometimes really hectic. The strength of the purple color in the lower part makes it all very dramatic. I was surprised by the suspended position of the wires on the left side of the sky: sometimes I too feel myself like I am suspended around the corner, just to see something that strikes […]
18 January 2021
2020 San Siro 80x80cm olio su tela

Monday 18th January 2021 – San Siro

Every time I walk near the San Siro stadium, especially during the day, it always has a certain effect. It is an architecture that I really like, and then it has many lines and threads that intersect in the square in front, which remind me of the beginnings of my journey in Milan. In these artworks on the San Siro stadium the theme of the line is central, as is the color, which helps me to give strength and dynamism […]
14 January 2021
San Siro Limited edition derby

San Siro – Limited edition Derby 21 febbraio 2021

Ogni volta che passo davanti allo stadio di San Siro, in particolare di giorno, mi fa sempre un certo effetto. È un’architettura che mi piace molto, e poi ha tante linee e fili che si intersecano nel piazzale di fronte, che mi ricordano gli inizi del mio percorso a Milano. In queste opere sullo stadio il tema della linea è centrale, come anche il colore, che mi aiuta a dare forza e dinamicità a questa visione urbana: i fili del […]