8 April 2019

Monday 8th April 2019 – Cliffs

In this Irish painting there is a light that goes beyond the cliffs at the bottom and that creates an atmosphere of contagious glow. The rocks, full of colors, created with spatula strokes, brings out the contrast with the deep and delicate veiling of the ocean. Inside the life of the rocks and in the turf there is my attempt to grasp the natural colors of that enchanting place that in some places is realistic and in other parts, instead, […]
27 May 2019
2019 Oceano calmo 80x80cm olio su tela

Monday 27th May 2019 – Calm Ocean

In this painting the reflections of the clouds in the ocean give me a sense of incredible calm. An inner silence, given by the sounds of water that I perceived physically, while I painted them, as a surprise, in those reflections in the foreground rendered by the different glazes of blue. As I watched the newly finished work, I felt like I was falling into it from what seemed real! Finally, I like that very thin light because when I […]