21 May 2018

Monday 21st May 2018 – The Fortress of Peniche

The very first time I saw the Ocean was when I looked out of the Peniche Fortress in Portugal. In the contrast between the primary colors of the blue and yellow walls there is an interesting dialogue in terms of composition and meaning: the materiality of the fortress in the foreground is the physical point from which I am looking, and it seems like a springboard , of a yellow so bright to dazzle. The color of the Ocean ranges […]
19 February 2018

Monday 19th February 2018 – Ireland

In this painting the sky blends into the sea and the wind rises above the land in the foreground. The green of the coast is the amazing Ireland, with its calming meadows. Like last week, also this Monday the eading star is the Ocean, and its immense breath. I have no more words … so happy Monday and good week to everyone!