4 December 2017

Monday 4th December 2017 – Ocean

This picture is delicate. The movement starts from the turquoise and then spreads out in the yellow lights. The yellow fades to green and is softened by violet and pink clouds. There is not always need to focus only one point of attraction; as in this artwork, it is sometimes nice to be transported by the spectacle that is presented to the eye. So I wish you happey Monday and a great beginning of the week!
12 February 2018

Monday 12th February 2018 – Ocean

Painting this Ocean of 1 meter by 2 was a physical job. I chose as the dominant color the Prussian blue, diluted with linseed oil, spread on the canvas with the brush and finally pulled with a glass wiper that I use in these cases, to spread the largest surfaces. The final movement was in the central horizon line: the trail created by the wind in which appears the beam of light that comes from the sky. Happy Monday and […]
7 May 2018

Monday 7th May 2108 – Ocean

I painted the picture of this Monday last week, in front of the children of a kindergarten. I tried to show to these children how an artwork is born, from the white canvas, to the preparation of colors, to the last nuance. In the foreground I inserted some red veins to give a sense of the deep abyss of the ocean. Painting in front of the children was a very beautiful experience, because thanks to their candor and openness my […]
21 May 2018

Monday 21st May 2018 – The Fortress of Peniche

The very first time I saw the Ocean was when I looked out of the Peniche Fortress in Portugal. In the contrast between the primary colors of the blue and yellow walls there is an interesting dialogue in terms of composition and meaning: the materiality of the fortress in the foreground is the physical point from which I am looking, and it seems like a springboard , of a yellow so bright to dazzle. The color of the Ocean ranges […]