30 August 2021
2021 Stazione centrale 40x40cm olio su tela

Monday 30th August 2021 – Central Station

I chose this image of the entrance to the large galleries of Milan Central Station for this moment of the end of the holidays. The lump of Prussian blue gives thickness to the station structures. By diluting the color a lot with oil, I slid the color with the wiper blade, and I created those lines of the electric cables of the trains, which enter the tunnels from above. I like those threads that run straight. The eye leads me […]
12 July 2021
2021 Stazione Centrale 70x90cm olio su tela

Monday 12th July 2021 – Railway

The subject of the railways is really something that strikes me, for the structures and for the speed created by the lines of the tracks. In this painting there is in the foreground a diagonal with an iron railing of a bridge, which makes us be there, as spectators of the scene. Then there are those three vertical poles, which balance the push towards the horizon given by the tracks. The white spaces of the docks are wanted, just to […]
15 March 2021
2021 Stazione centrale 50x60cm olio su tela

Monday 15th March 2021 – Central Station

In this painting I wanted to portray the Central Station from the top of a bridge, with the overpass bars in the foreground that open onto a broad view of the railway. There is a train stopped at the platform, it is waiting to complete the last stretch to access the station. In the foreground there are many directions, all very delineated, fast and opposite: the lines of the tracks that go towards the horizon, the train in the opposite […]
25 November 2019
Francesco Zavatta Trenord 50x105cm tecnica mista su carta 2019

Monday 25th November 2019 – Trenord

The Central Station of Milan is a place of transit, where memories and moments of waiting mix very quickly. In this triptych painted in oil on paper, I deliberately created those empty detachments between one sheet and another just because they conveyed to me a feeling of detachment, of tearing and at the same time of breath. The central signage, so white and well defined, is the direction towards which my eye tends and strikes me as all the lines […]