25 January 2016

Monday 25th January 2016 – Evening

There are heavens, like these, in front of which I can only sit watching the show that nature gives us. I paint the sea because it opens me to the greatness of things and I like the idea that looking at this work everyone can put aside his thoughts and enjoy the spectacle we were made for! Happy Monday and good week,
22 February 2016

Monday 22nd February 2016 – Sunset above the wet dock

This Monday I propose you an artwork about the sea! The title is “Sunset on the wet dock”, and is an oil on canvas of 70x80cm. While I was painting, I was interested in doing something that breaks in the sunset and that’s why I put that fluorescent pink in the sky, reflected in the sea. I often need something strange, unexpected, to be able to fix in the memory what I saw. Happy Monday, and good week!
25 April 2016

Monday 25th April – Shining night

This work is a tribute to my Venetian period and represents the Correr Museum in St. Mark’s Square illuminated at night. The lights are reflected in the wet floor of the square and increase their brightness. The work is small, 20x20cm, but very powerful, because of the red of the posters on the facade of the Correr Museum. Happy Monday, and have a good week!
16 May 2016

Monday 16th May – Reflections

“If you want to be universal tells about your country” (Balzac). A friend reminded me this quote from Balzac and told me that you should never forget your roots, because they are the ones who really make it possible to talk to everyone. This large work (160x120cm), “Boat Glares”, is one of the first works that I made on the theme of the sea. In my first works the sharp movements dominate, as well as water painted in all its […]