5 October 2020
2020 Attracchi 70x70cm olio su tela

Monday 5th October 2020 – Moorings

This Monday’s artwork is part of the “Moorings” series and is an oil on canvas in which you can see in the background the structures of the port shipyard and in the foreground the two poles driven into the water, which break the delicate rhythm of the reflections. This broken movement brings out the momentum of the lines, as if something was about to enter before our eyes. This work is present at the BACKUP exhibition, opened with a very […]
13 July 2020
2007 Porto Canale 100x100cm olio su tela

Monday 13th July 2020 – Harbor, Rimini

Today’s painting is a view of the Rimini Harbor, painted in 2007 at the beginning of my artistic journey. All the work on the water that I have continued over the years, starts from here. In this view there are hints of the lighthouse and skyscraper structures, but the absolute protagonist are the reflections of the water in the lower part. At the beginning my attention was entirely focused on matter and color, there are some points where the painting […]