20 August 2018

Monday 20th August 2018 – Departure

Finally we left for the holidays! This is a glimpse of the town where I live, Canegrate, and there is a cycle path with alongside the wall of the cemetery. I really wanted to paint it because that piece of wall reminds me so much of the shape of my dock (as you can see in the painting of last Monday) and then there is a dynamism of very vivid lines and colors. It seems to me that a sense […]
8 January 2018

Monday 1st January 2018 – On the road

In this large painting (120x180cm) there is a strong contrast between the road, the trees and the sky. The rose tip in the background shows a glimmer of light, and the white signs of the road is as if they were accompanying us. In the distance you can see the lights of the cars that follow one after the other with some touches of red, following the movement to which the whole work tends. Good start of 2018 at all, […]
6 November 2017

Monday 6th November 2017 – Pink Sunset

Painting is really a fascinating job, because it always puts me in front of a crossroads: looking for the easier aesthetic solution, or putting myself on the line for making new the piece of canvas that I have before. This is especially true for sunsets, on the sea or in the city. This paperwork, in a small size (18x23cm), represents an autumnal sunset along the beltway of Milan. It seems to me fresh and light, alive, so I present it this […]
30 October 2017

Monday 30th October 2017 – San Francisco

There are places that over time become familiar, because they remind me that I am walking, and that the road is still long and difficult. In this painting about San Francisco, only black and white with few touches of color, the floor of the road in the foreground is all slippery, and becomes defined only towards the end of the hill. The buildings have some color inserts, made through the oil pastel, which blends the vertical movements of the buildings […]