18 June 2018

Monday 18th June 2018 – Camogli

I painted this artwork about Camogli last week, in front of a group of 50 children. I told them the way I start an artwork, and how I finish it. It always strikes me the silence while I’m painting, interrupted only by the children’s questions. As I answered, I looked at the work to see what was missing to be completed. At one point I stopped because it seemed to me that there was an intensity of balance between the […]
16 October 2017

Monday 16th October 2017 – Wind

This recent Irish artwork is a view of the imposing Cliffs of Moher from Galway. The wind dominates the scene of the painting: everything is swept away like an hurricane, and the greens in the speed become almost transparent and mixed with the intense colors of the ocean. The cliff, central, gives balance to the work. I love painting these totally natural landscapes, giving me a sense of infinite and deep peace.
28 August 2017

Monday 28th August 2017 – Rough Sea

The rough sea always arouses mine curiosity, and I want to look at it more closely, not missing a wave and diving in the thousands of shades of colors created on the shore. In this work I started from an ivory cardboard and I deliberately left some of this background color, in order to give more light and depth. A wonderful quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupèry seems to me involved in this work: “If you want to build a ship, […]
14 August 2017

Monday 14th August 2017 – Water edge

Finally, I have started my holidays and now I am at the seaside in the region Marche. In this time of rest, I want to stop for a moment and watch the sea as in this painting. It is called “Water edge”. The sand in the foreground blends with the rushing of the waves. The sky is the brightest and sweetest part of the painting, the pink on the left invites me to follow it with the sight. Good summer […]