5 August 2019
2018 Darsena 52x42cm olio su tela

Monday 5th August 2019 – Rimini dock

The summer colors of the sunset over the dock of Rimini are one of my favorite moments to paint. In front of that last slash of sunlight I remain silent and at the same time I desire to be able to make those colors explode in the canvas. I really like Rimini, it’s my homeland, so much of my work has passed through that port and I’m sure I’ll never stop painting it because it’s part of my life. You […]
8 July 2019

Monday 8th July 2019 – On the road

Crossing the city of Milan is always a challenging moment, especially when the lights of the sky at sunset are in the direction I’m going. The buildings are like loose from the heat, which I made with the drips of buildings and asphalt. The heat makes the asphalt burn and you can see it in the front of the car. Research on the city of Milan is enriched with everyday moments where going by car can sometimes become an opportunity […]
19 November 2018
2014 Alluciato 180x240cm olio su tela

Monday 19th November 2018 – Alluciato

In this painting of 2014 I portrayed the state road that leads from Palermo to Agrigento, in Sicily. It is a large painting 180x240cm, and is titled “Alluciato”, a Sicilian word meaning “dazzled by light”. I was almost blinded by the brightness of the Sicilian sun and I tried to make the intensity in the almost white reflections of light in the central part of the road before the curve. A flash of light as winter is coming! Happy monday […]
20 August 2018

Monday 20th August 2018 – Departure

Finally we left for the holidays! This is a glimpse of the town where I live, Canegrate, and there is a cycle path with alongside the wall of the cemetery. I really wanted to paint it because that piece of wall reminds me so much of the shape of my dock (as you can see in the painting of last Monday) and then there is a dynamism of very vivid lines and colors. It seems to me that a sense […]