6 August 2018
2017 Milano d'agosto 50x65cm olio su carta

Monday 6th August 2018 – August in Milan

Today is the first Monday of August, and I will talk about the artwork of this month in my 2018 calendar: August in Milan. This desert crossing, almost timeless, is an oil and pastel on paper , 50×65 cm. In the empty city, without traffic, it is even more evident the intertwining created by the tracks of the plots and by the wires that cross and go in opposite directions. I thank all those who bought the 2018 calendar and […]
12 June 2017

Monday 12th June 2017 – Summer Evening

I paint the most attractive, relaxing and brightening things that I see. “Painting is a long effort of imitation of what is loved”, in these words by Renato Guttuso, a great artist of the 20th century, I find a summary of the message that I would like to share on this Monday. Imitating is to look calm, to be struck by nature, and then to enter into me what I have seen. For this reason, painting is a long-lasting effort […]